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15 July 2028 @ 06:35 pm
This is a semi-hiatus announcement.  
Well, after almost three years of updatings-silence it was time for this post i think! XD

April 6th, 2015: I've been basically coming and going from LJ like a fugitive on the run for the past couple of years and scarcely commenting on your posts / changing icons / looking for layouts even.
It's not that LJ has bored me or that i plan to not ever put my feet here again (the semi-hiatus being the operative word in the title), but i won't deny i've been finding Tumblr's more immediate and faster way of updating very much closer to my taste and time these years days.
Anyway I can very well assure you i will still make my ghostly appearances occasionally, maybe even updating with a proper entry someday.
In the meantime, all my journal's friends, be happy and smile daily :D

P.S. of course you can still send me pms here, i am logged almost constantly and at least every two or three days enter to check on news and whatever.